Running in July

Running in Texas is hot business but running in July is a whole new level. Unless you plan on dodging barflies in your all black running gear, waking earlier only helps so much.. 

Long run thoughts: 

Accept you will look like you’ve ran through a sprinter and you smell like a locker room. It’s okay. Embrace it! Then shower!

Fartleks sure seem a whole lot like running in a neighborhood with strays and little dogs. 

It’s ironic when your headphones keep telling you low battery the entire last leg of a run.

Wireless headphones are awesome!  The breeze hits them and makes it sound like you’re real trucking it. 

Time may pass faster if you play: “Can I take on that biker and steal his ride?”

If I eat a burger of any sort with or without a bun the night before a long run, there will be a hissy fit at miles 4-5 that include ditching the music. 

Run with sunscreen, cause melanoma is real and scary. 

Another fun game is could I run through that sprinkler without anyone noticing…or is it city?, is it well?, is it septic?

Run with water. It’s not that much extra weight. Much better than lightheaded. 

No, I am NOT playing Pokemon Go. Neither is my husband Pulling a bike trailer and watching my other son ride solo. We are refilling water. Cause you will run out.

You look forward to the longer distances because ice bath!

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