Roping the family into this running lifestyle thing…

Over the past couple of weeks, we eased off dairy, grains, and sugar. No one really noticed…except maybe my husband when he ran out of peanut butter and it wasn’t replaced.  I decided to dive in for 30 days…the Whole 30 reset. 

Day 1

Breakfast – leftover potato and egg scramble.  I planned ahead enough to make my potato salad for the 4th whole 30 friendly.  Watermelon and blackberries. Water. 

AM – good, if I wake early and run, I’m going to need a snack.  Today I opted for shopping and an unsweetened tea

Lunch- burger stacks (basically a burger with everything but the bun), celery and carrots, grapes

Snack – banana and handful almonds; kids had extra snack of apples and carrots

Dinner- taco salad with THIS dressing.  We tossed taco meat and greens with grape tomatoes, shredded carrot, bell pepper, green onion.  Served it with mango and strawberries.

I better get a little more interesting or I’m going to lose my gang. 

Day 2. Hungry beasts may attack me and force me to buy milk and bread. I think I’m going to have to triple my budget to fill these guys up with protein, veggies, and fruit. I don’t want to even factor in the price of nuts. So far, the other adult in the house hasn’t cried mutiny.  

Breakfast: unsugared, uncured ham, scrambled eggs, blueberries. Water.

Mid-morning: unsweetened tea 

Lunch: beef fajita salad with guacamole and salsa. Iced tea

Afternoon snack: Apple with almond butter. Iced tea

I’m still hungry snack: watermelon. Iced tea

Dinner: they devoured 2 chickens, add in Greek roasted potatoes, broccolini with garlic, and steamed veggies. Still hungry was the consensus.

What the world???? HOW ARE WE STILL HUNGRY???

Day 3. They found the Larabars! The plan lists them as emergency food to have on hand.  I guess my kids declared an emergency. I should have been on to them when they seemed happier. I had an assortment…they tasted them for me. Very helpful.

Breakfast:  Larabars, banana, water

Snack:  coconut strawberry banana and pineapple smoothie – I know they aren’t recommended but I needed something and I stock smoothie stuff in my freezer 

Lunch: sliced roast turkey, apple slices, grapes and raw veggies with avocado and cilantro “pesto”. I just let the kids eat veggies until they popped. 

Snack: banana, water. 

Dinner: plantain chip “nachos”. It was taco salad leftovers, but throw in a “chip”, call it a “nacho” and watch it disappear.  Chunked mangoes and strawberries. Water. 

I should sleep better. I had waaayyy less caffeine. Kids said they were less hungry. Veggies until we pop every day!

Day 4. Today was packed. Morning run, errands to get house ready for realtor’s open house, yard work, Breakfast:  eggs to order, bacon, sweet potatoes with peppers and onions, orange

Snack/mini-meal (11AM): banana slices, peach slices, handful pistachios

Lunch/mini-meal(2PM): grabbed lunch out – fajitas with guac on small bed of lettuce. Wish I’d thought of Chipotle! Everyone left saying they were still hungry but no one asked for a snack when we got home…

Snack: cherries, coconut chips

Dinner: grilled cilantro lime chicken, grilled pineapple, steamed green beans, green salad with whatever veggies survived from yesterday 

Full, happy family. Even talked vacation and how we are going to keep to this plan while traveling!

Day 5. Soooo, so busy, with a headache. 

Breakfast: eggs to order, bacon, avocado, water

Lunch: egg omelet with brisket and ranchero sauce, breakfast potatoes, iced tea

Snack: peach

Dinner: spaghetti squash with seasoned ground beef, grapes

So…then I quit keeping track daily. I’m bored with the day by day food  (and if you’re reading this); you probably are too.  Blah, blah, blah…repeat of favorite meals and before I know it, we are easing up on restrictions to make vacation easier, and planning for a long-term more sustainable modification of this plan.  I’m also looking into buying stock in avocados. 

Overall take away of the whole 30:  over time our dietary habits had really strayed into dangerous territory.  Try the diet. It’s 30 days. It’s a challenge.  You’ll like it. Once you survive the first ten days that is. 

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